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Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Judgements and Warnings

On the occasion that you should wake up at The 4 A.M. Awful Thoughts Hour and are unable to fall  back into peaceful slumber it WILL NOT help you to think about those blue haired ladies from your childhood who got their hair done every two months in cotton candy shellac style---leaving you to wonder how these helmet head aliens slept and showered in between moldings.

Yours In Creepy Wonder,
Henrietta Hairspray


Hilary said... named it.....the 4am awful thoughts hour.....yes, why DOES that happen?
I thought I was crazy, now I know.
I am.
But I am in good company, I think.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

And IF you are up at 4am, do not under turn on Headline News so Nancy Grace can shout at "How about it?" You will never return to REM sleep.

duffylou said...

Law & Order SVU is another 4 am stellar TV choice. Just try to have sweet dreams after that.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I've had my scariest, deepest, biggest, emptiest thoughts at the 4 o'clock hour. I think it's the most alone time. And there was that amazing play--4:48 Psychosis. It must be a universal feeling. Look at me being all cheery! teehee.

Rural Rambler said...

I am all too familiar with the 4am Awful Thoughts Hour. Although for me it is the 3am Awful Thoughts Hour. It happened this morning. It happens pretty much every morning and leaves me feeling all sad and befuddled until I can get my head cleared out. Helps to know I have company but I wouldn't wish it on anyone. And, yes, why does it happen?