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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday SlobberLove

During Holy Week we like to remind each other of the meaning of devotion by reciting a parable or two as well as a teaching on Jesus Would Not Stop Throwing Sharky, Ever wherein we instruct the lost ones about the power of hurling things across rooms over and over until vertigo sets in, Amen you may be seated.

Love Means Doing What Is Demanded Of You,
Carl Conditional


Hilary said...

You make me laugh. I love your way with words, and I love your sense of humor.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Thank you Hilary---that makes me feel happy.

PJ said...

Thanks for the Saturday SlobberLove. Missed it last week. Jesus would never stop throwing Sharky, ever, except when he was busy throwing Yellow Guy for Humphrey. Lo, I will be throwing for you always, even unto the end of the earth.

New question for the world's philosophers: How many doggie toys can Jesus throw simultaneously for how long?