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Friday, December 12, 2008

Exit Strategy

The other day my niece asked me if anyone had ever farted during an important meeting at my company and I said, come to think of it, in all the years I've been sitting in meetings that is the one excruciating thing that hasn't happened.

This got me to thinking. I'm sure an unwelcomed passer gasser HAS happened in some meeting somewhere. The Marketing VP is rattling off the 124th amazing project she's spearheading and suddenly the Director of Finance farts. What the hell happens next? I'd like to think that if this happened to me I would either run screaming out of the room and run directly to my car and out of the parking lot, never to return or I would simply pretend it didn't happen and casually change the subject by asking if anyone else has had problems with their key cards after returning from lunch. I think these are the only two choices, right?

I'm turning into Eartha Kitt.
Nicole Kidman

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