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Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Confession

There is a scene at the end of the movie Endless Love where Brooke Shields is walking across a youth detention center parking lot with the wind in her hair looking rather hopeful and you realize---Wow. After all the drama and the awfulness she still loves him. She still is true to him and is willing to endure whatever hardship loving him may cause. I GUESS THEIR LOVE REALLY IS ENDLESS.

That could totally be me in that scene because even though they can give me terrible stomach aches and awful gas, that's exactly how I feel about garbanzo beans.


Joan Cairns said...

Dear Miss,

Endless Love! Oh how I did love that movie. It reminds me of my high school boyfriend who set fire to our high school. He was doing a selfless act. Burning transcripts for all the dumb dumbs, that believed that there were no copies of the grades, and all the stupid folk, could run off to the Ivy League schools, that we could not get into with current grades.. But Arson boy-friend thought that the slate would be clean and we could all start fresh.. True story.. ( I was not involved in said arson, just a stupid junior in love with arson-boyfriend).. Like lovely Brooke, I too went to visit my boyfriend at the Honor Wayside Ranchero (very close to Magic Mountain)aka, Juvey Hall... The only, I mean, the only difference between me and Brooke is the following: She is famous, rich and lovely, Her mom was a monster, and she really, really liked Michael Jackson.
The above is true.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Ok first off you are about 800 million thousand times lovelier than Brooke and second of all I have to make a citizens arrest. Sorry. You're goin to Juvey, ya big Juve.