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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Great Day = Good

What a good thing to have a nice day. Nothing special or out of the ordinary, really but just smooth sailing inside and out.

I love the days that seem to move forward in a way that doesn't require any significant notice or push or tending to in any way that makes me lose my hair or further develop my degree in Co-Dependency.

I'm trying to think about what happens during these types of good days and I think one of the common threads is that when I start the day without Road Ragers that's really nice. It sets the day for niceness when I can get to work and still have faith in people I don't know. People that don't honk at older drivers going slow or people that hold the elevator for complete strangers. If I start the day out noticing goodness, it's a pretty good start. From there, I just think "things are gonna be smooth today." and I anticipate more niceness.

I have, however, noticed that if I simply focus on making my spine and heart and ears and knees turn to jelly when I'm tempted to judge or loathe or take someone else's Freakness personally, it makes things a whole hell of a lot better. But that's the Oprah-Gayle King part of me and that part isn't 100% set in place yet. But I'm working on it and in 2009 I have made a promise to myself that no matter what surly is coming my way I will deflect it with kindness and rubbery letting go. I promise to remind myself that I know nothing and nothing knows me, in a good way.

Wish me luck.

Yours Truly,
Public Relations Manager For Tom Cruise's Creepy Grin

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