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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sky's Bluer = True

Okay so I woke up this morning feeling bleary eyed and in those first moments when I was laying in bed in that in between time of drool and coffee I thought, THE WORLD IS PERFECT AND THOSE ASSHOLE WHITE MEN FINALLY LOST, and then I turned the T.V. on to make sure that what I thought happened last night really happened. And it did. Matt Laurer said it happened.

And the sun shining in the window seemed just that much crisper. It was not my imagination.

So, now we move forward into this new tunnel of hopefulness where we will discover (or remember) who we truly are, unencumbered by the false reflection of all those bastards who tried to squash our spirit. It's like the entire planet took flight last night and we're floating above ourselves, just for a moment, looking down in amazement. WE DID IT. I CAN'T BELIEVE WE DID IT. I'M SO HAPPY WE DID IT. FINALLY. AT LAST. That's what I heard today.

But mostly, I felt it on the most miniscule, personal level. Like when I was about to turn left at a stop sign and I had to slam on my brakes because a woman rushed her stop sign and as she whooshed by me we caught each other's eyes --- right in the eyes and I swear to you we spoke to each other and what we said was: The petty stuff at the stop signs? Not so much. The visionary who raised us up above hate and toward all that we were meant to be? Ummm, YEAH.

All I know is I am filled with a "HOW CAN I HELP?" feeling. A sense of confused satisfaction has girded my loins, if you will. I'm just not used to feeling like EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY. Right? You know the feeling. Being at a dinner party and realizing you're the only person who doesn't think MediCal is pure evil and you have to pretend to go along with the freaks who think we spend more on Public Housing than THE WAR. It's embarrasing how many times I have held my tongue. But, after last night I don't feel like I need to. I don't even know why. I just know that everything feels different and filled with hope and on the road toward right.

Yours In Weepy Wonder,
Voter #80 Billion

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