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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Share

Have you ever been in a heated debate or perhaps found yourself locking horns with your spouse and, in an attempt to push your point forward, you blurt out some gibber jabber hooha and as you are actually saying it you're thinking "I do not know what I am saying" and at that moment you feel yourself slipping away from the conversation like so much confused yet opinionated jello?

Until today, I used to think that I had one of the worst cases of this off-putting character defect. Then I heard this statement on NPR:

"I think the Vice President misrepresented what the Vice President meant to say. What the Vice President meant to say is what others have been saying recently."

It's true. The guy that answers to the guy who is in charge of explaining away Joe Biden's F-bomb equivalents said it and I was so taken by the airy, circular quality of it I pulled over in my car and wrote it down. Because it was so pretty.

As you were,
General Blather

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