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Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Judgements and Warnings

If you're unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse of Stretch Face Liza Minnelli on T.V. before you drift off to sleep, make sure you do not,
I REPEAT---DO NOT, dwell on the fact that she looks to have had so many face lifts that her chin is actually her elbow. DO NOT DO THIS.

It is none of your concern which facial features are which on her MORPHINE DERIVATIVE GREAT GAMS BOOZER CHESHIRE GRIN face, so just stop thinking about it and focus on Carrot Top instead if you have to.

We must ALL stick together in this,
Sergeant Claude H. Hopper


linlah said...

That is a very frightening but Carrot Top takes the cake.

norris99 said...

I was mesmerized by her performance in 'Batman: The Pizza Box', as Elasto Face. She's truly a stick of licorice for the ages.