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Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Judgements and Warnings

This morning as I left my house I thought to myself Wait, I can't war the answer? Or is war NOT the answer? and just as I thought this one of those new Jaguars flew by and on the back of this Jaguar was a bumper sticker that said:


And so I thought, OK! There ya go, we're are all clear. War is NOT the answer. No answer--this war stuff. Phew. But then I thought, Well, holy chriminy, if war is NOT the answer then what the poop is?! Is banning all elastic waisted pants the answer? Is a drunken kitchen performance of Led Zeppelin's Dancing Days sung into a broom handle every five years or so the answer? What is the answer?

And just as I thought this a stealthy-anaconda Prius glided by with a bumper sticker that said:


And I realized that, although I am quite clear now that war is NOT the answer, that it's quite possible that ONE of the answers might be to get someone with a better sense of what is creepy and what is not creepy on the Girl Scout Bumper Sticker Idea Committee.

You know, we could start with that and see where things lead.

Onward, I guess,
Pat of the Perpetually Puzzled


Joann Mannix said...

Brilliant. Yes, brilliant.

Please tell me it's not true. The Gril Scout bumper sticker did not say that! I guess it's a better option than the Boy Scout leader having one. We should be grateful for little blessings.

Cupcake Murphy said...

It TOTALLY said that. I ask you: who approved that?

Little Girl Big Glasses said...

Lance Armstrong also has a ball.

The Zadge said...

Those Prius drivers are just a riot.