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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cooper Being Jodie Foster in Contact

Here he is seen gazing into a sight so awe inspiring it made him sob and gasp and then giggle like a crazy person who is addicted to Junior Mints and is being told he is about to drown in endless amounts of Junior Mints.

"I was actually looking at David Morse's forehead and in that way I could imagine infinite space," he says before shrieking I'M GOOD TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another ninety million times.


Twisted Susan said...

It's like Coop's not even acting at all!

Joann Mannix said...

For me, it would be Butterfingers.

And please don't let Coop take a gander at my forehead, lest he say the same thing or think he's on the superhighway.

PJ said...

Jodie Foster? in Contact? Never could understand why I had to watch that movie TWICE. But I did. Had to. Does that make me shallow?

Laughed at Cooper's impersonation...and you thinking of Jodie Foster. I thought I was the only person to ever see this movie.