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Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Judgements and Warnings

I am fully aware that the writers before me had unimaginable obstacles to overcome---like having to sit at a desk wearing a poofy petticoat or not having access to a really smooth mouse pad or hearing the vigilante mob your husband gathered outside your window yelling YOU WRITE, YOU DIE!  Talk about a downer.

But I bet none of the prolific lady geniuses before us never had to deal with the horror of being trapped in a car with no mini notebook in sight and then being forced to make the nauseating decision to scribble the next brilliant world idea on the minuscule white part of your only remaining Bed, Bath and Beyond 20% discount coupon leaving your dream to purchase a new Mr. Coffee machine in tatters.

If you're gonna play with the big boys you better bring your face guard,
Sergeant Bess "Blowhard" Buchanan
56th Infantry
Traumatized Thinker Squadron


duffylou said...

Man up Buchanan. Plenty of space on your arm and hand. Your BB&B coupon will remain unscathed.

But, no sweating or washing allowed.

Bossy Betty said...

OH! The sacrifice!!!!

The Zadge said...

Every time I walk into Bed, Bath and Beyond, I expect to see some cartoon character and rocket ship pointing up to the sky and yelling, "to the Beyond!"