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Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 = Good

Today was one of, if not THE most gorgeous day here in Beautiful Place, California. I couldn't decide if it was a joke or a reward. Like some person up there in charge was trying to either encourage us or make us more wistful before we end whatever vacations we were on and re-enter the work YEAR. I tried to be all positive and uplifting to myself when I started to succumb to the Sunday weirds but it feels so gigantic to go back to the office after being in heaven for so long. That first day back never fails to feel like 18 years.

I found myself thinking about what we will do next weekend twice today. THE LONGING for more time to:

1. organize one more closet because it makes me woozy with glee
2. make another cup of tea
3. take another bag of clutter to the goodwill
4. talk about how Cooper is so cute it feels wrong for the 900th time
5. putz around, run errands, talk about going to a movie and going on a hike instead
6. try a new recipe
7. eat the new recipe and scream at the top of our lungs THIS IS SO GOOOOOD. OH MY GOD. THIS IS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER TASTED.
8. take another bath
9. play "who's voice" with my husband during commercials
10. read the paper in bed
11. stop every several hours or so to say BARACK OBAMA IS OUR PRESIDENT
12. sit and stare and wonder what I will wear while we watch the Inauguration
13. watch another 56 hours of Food Network

2008 was weird, odd, good, scary and it all would have been flushed straight down the crapper if not for Mister Community Organizer and now I think of 2008 as Brilliant Year or Best Bad Ass Year or The Year I Did Not Vomit After The Election.

Let's go be nice now.

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