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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Expert Advice

Dear Cupcake,

Today I received a scary pop-up warning on my computer screen that said:


I wanted to ask you a couple of things about this. First, I don't know if you've seen Oprah lately but her stomach is more, like, UNflat or how should I say?---the complete opposite of flat so this confused me, needless to say. Then I remembered that if Oprah tells you to OBEY her, you pretty much have no choice, right? So, that's the first portion of my question.

The second portion of my question is---just say I do NOT obey Oprah and I make the courageous decision to go it on my own---just my stomach and me. Will she and Gayle King track me down and kill me?
---Permanently Wrinkled From Worry In Reseda

Dear Wrinkled,
Good Luck,


Rikki said...

Found you from Bossy...had to say that when I first clicked on I thought "holy crow...that person is pushing a gigantic piece of salmon". Thought you might appreciate that. Love your blog! :)

Cupcake Murphy said...

Rikki--- So funny about the salmon! It's, um, ODD! because I noticed recently that there is a shadowey heart shape on that huge salmon I mean boulder and I have this incredible heart shaped rock collection so when I noticed the heart shape in the salmon-rock I thought "ooooohhhh-eeeee---ohhhh" Thanks for loving my blog!