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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Expert Advice

Dear Cupcake,

I am writing to you for help.  I am a happily married woman.  I don't believe in "soul mates" per se (truth be told---I don't believe in people who actually use the phrase "per se" but that would involve an entirely different question) but what I was saying was I am thrilled and content with my mate --- HOWEVER --- I believe I might be completely and totally IN LOVE with Kate Middleton.  Is it me or is she just the FRESHEST FACE PERSON YOU HAVE EVER SEEN? And I know I might be biased but she seems to exude pure and total CLASS and SOPHISTICATION in a way that does not alienate but makes you want to either go on a shopping jaunt with her or go to the nearest pub and get plastered---BUT IN A REFINED WAY---like The Bee's Knees Way, which is why I am tea and crumpets smitten with the stalwart and beautiful Kate.  THE FUTURE QUEEN OF ENGLAND.  My question to you is:  do you think I am delusional or do I stand a chance with Ms. Middleton?
---Simply Starstruck in South Hampton

Dear Starstruck,
Good Luck,


Twisted Susan said...

Fergie's more my speed.

The Zadge said...

I think Kate and Prince Harry would actually be a more interesting mix. Wills seems to be tending a bit more toward his Pops these days in terms of personality.

The Zadge said...


duffylou said...

Two words for Wills.


feefioto said...

Except for that hat she wore that looked like she had an arrow through her skull.

Kana said...

A princess/queen that looks good in a bikini ( ) should always be taken as a win.

Anonymous said...

I for one, plan to rise at dawn for the televised ceremony; no one where a little hat cuter than she does.
And P.S. they all really wear those little hats for special occasions; it's not just a royal thing. I was caught without mine last time across the pond.