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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Cupcake Lessons

Let me regale you with a little tale.  A story, if you will.  This tale is NOT about what it is, exactly, that motivates someone to say If you will ---that could be a whole other tale worth telling---no this tale, the one I am about to tell you, is about why we need each other in order to exist.

Don't put on your grouchy face now.  Just listen.

My sister (who I believe to be my guardian angel even though she is obsessed with Sour Gummy Worms) has a friend who is a psychologist.  A very cool, open, wise psychologist who I admire and she has a husband who is also a psychologist and whenever I see them I think They are the coolest psychologist couple, I bet they have it all together.  I bet they don't call each other names when one of them forgets to close the fucking freezer.

So one time I call my sister and she is on the other line with The Wise Psychologist and my sister tells me that she has to talk to The Wise Psychologist because she is having a fight with her Wise Psychologist husband.

I cannot believe that these two dreamy people ever fight, I think from my lowly perch.

Shortly after my sister hangs up with PhD, she calls me back and says that PhD is having a Hater Fest about her husband and that PhD had said to my sister:


And I would only tell you this:  I felt slightly GLEEFUL.  I felt happy and relieved.  I felt like it was possible that I was not the only person who thought my husband was the weirdest person in all the galaxies on certain days. Maybe I am not so severely abnormal.  Phew.

And so the other evening, as I settled into my bucolic room at a Bed and Breakfast outside of Yosemite and I waited for Mister Cupcake and his dear friend to meet me at the end of their two day trek across the John Muir Trail----as I sat there and I listened to the lovely couple I'd seen earlier check in to the room next to mine and I listened to them GO AT EACH OTHER IN AN EPIC FIGHT ABOUT WHERE TO GO TO DINNER like a coupla dehydrated coyotes I realized that even though we don't always realize it---or let me speak for my own self---even though I don't always realize it: I am bound and beholden to all the people who I do not know who seem to be just about as intermittently confused and furious and surly as me.  And this is what keeps me going when I feel like a hopeless loser. Because if I am, in all reality, a nit picky controlling worrier, at least I know I am not alone.

Bravisima Los Discontentos!
Inez the Interloper


The Zadge said...

Fitting in is so over-rated. I love weird people. Well, the weird people who aren't out to kill anyone.

Twisted Susan said...

Often I prefer the figurative application of not being alone as opposed to the practical one.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I prefer alone time when Hoda and Kathy Lee are on.