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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Prayer

Oh blessed be unto thee irresistible Nautical Blue Roundy Toy, as we bow down and praise you and think upon the magical CRA-ZAY-ZEE DROOLY GROWLY FUN you bestow upon our daily lives may you rise up and look upon those who hurl you across rooms for us and would that you could tap those lovable turd buckets on the heads and remind them how important it is to have Throw-Catch-Throw-Catch-Throw-Catch-Throw-Catch-Throw-Catch snuggle time praise be to all that is holy amen hallelujah.

1 comment:

The Zadge said...

Oh,let me tell you: the Nautical Blue Roundy Toy has NOTHING, NOTHING I TELL YOU, on the new bug-eyed white furry thang here in Denver that says "BITE ME" on the front and "FLEA" on the back. #CardioWorkout