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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

That Man and The Moon = Good

You know how there are certain moments or evenings or conversations in your life that leave a grooved mark on your heart that you think of frequently and each time you do you feel a sense of well being? And as time goes on it almost seems like there is a Helper You who's job it is to keep a giant file cabinet full of these happy memories? So that when Worrier You is not feeling tip-top Helper You hauls ass to the Happy File Cabinet and pulls out some masterpiece to remind you how lovely things usually are?

This photograph is one of those moments for me. It is of the full moon, rising over Half Dome. My husband took it the night we decided to attend a lecture given by an exceptionally top notch Park Ranger. I love Park Rangers and find them to be the nicest most knowledgeable people and this guy was the best and gave the most interesting talk about the lighting in Yosemite Valley. There was a pretty hefty sized group of us listening to him---rapt. We were all different shapes and sizes. Some of us seemed like seasoned hikers and nature lovers and others of us seemed like gnarly tourists who ate too many cheetos. But the Park Ranger brought us together in a way that felt like we'd soon start sharing our secret fears, dreams and insecurities.

Mister Park Ranger told us, before he started his talk, that the full moon was going to be rising and that whoever caught the first glimpse of her rising should yell "Moon!" So, as he spoke and the sky grew dark dark dark blue we were all perched on rocks or railings gathered around him --- listening and watching like eager beagles waiting for kibble.

Just as we were all totally lost in the information Parkie was imparting, this sweaty large man who I would have pegged as a Nascar fan from Arkansas gasped, threw his arms out wide and shrieked "MOON!" I'll never forget his big giant belly and humongous Van tennis shoes. I remember thinking he looked like a teenage girl who'd just spotted The Beatles. "Look! It's PAUL!!!!!"

Every time I look at this photograph I am filled with happy and awe just as much for that bright white moon as I am for my memory of him and how we all turned our shiny faces first toward him, then his giant sausage hands, following his finger stretched, pointing---almost touching that gorgeous moon rising over the granite.

Manager of Wistful Thinking

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