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Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Conclusion

I have a clone.

It's true. Tonight at Trader Joe's I was ALONE in the aisle that is usually crammed with nine thousand people and I looked down to find a piece of paper that resembled my list. Oh, I dropped my list, I thought. But it was not my list. It was someone else's list and someone else's list had ALL BUT ONE of the four items on my list.

My List:
tomato paste
kidney beans

My Clone's List:
tomato paste
kidney beans

My clone is obviously making a spicier version of the Elie Krieger chili I'm making, that much is clear. And my clone also seems to be patient and elegant, as evidenced by the LONG HAND the list I picked up was written in.

I wonder if my clone was the one who ignored their list and bought the last of the magical Trader Joes Peanut Butter cups due to being frustrated upon realizing that Trader Joes does not sell jalapenos. If so, my clone is very selfish and caused a lot of disillusionment and heartbreak in the store this evening.

Broccoli Floret, Jr.

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