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Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Judgements and Warnings

On the Third Anniversary Of A Father's Death, best to keep the following in mind:

1. Dispense with the hokey hooha about Time Healing All Wounds and simply take deep breaths more often during the afternoon as you replay the day that was That Day
2. If anyone asks anything of you that you do not feel capable of handling, due to your broken hearted state, simply look them in the eye, lift your arms toward heaven and say (in a booming Moses-ey tone) LEAVE ME ALONE I AM GRIEVING MY DEAD FATHER.
3. Tell yourself he knew you were there on That Day, three years prior to This Day. Tell it to yourself again---that he knew. Tell yourself he is at peace now, even though he would take issue with the fact that you used the phrase at peace to describe him (much like you dispense with the Time Heals All Wounds hooha.) Just tell yourself he is OK now and not struggling to breathe even though you and your sister are not there to help him when he is confused or unbearably fragile. Just keep telling yourself that all old men live and then they die. That it is better to let go of life when the time comes. Even though the time, from your dear, loving perspective will never feel like it was right for him to go.
4. Remind yourself how happy you are that you have his socialist spirit.
5. Think, at least once, of the time you spent four hours at Taylor's discussing the theory---Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down But If They Do---Remember, They're Just Bastards.
6. Really take it in that it does you no good to refer to yourself as THE ORPHAN
7. Eat pizza and add extra tomatoes
8. Regale your husband with tales of The Old Geezer---PRE Old Geezer status
9. Cover yourself with these words, when your husband speaks them: I MISS YOUR DAD. HE WAS SUCH A GREAT MAN.
10. Be fluid with this thought: If only

Go Forth and Plunder,
Princess of Darkness

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Susan said...

That was a post to make a father proud.