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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cooper's Expression After I Told Him I Needed To Make Another Trip To Cost Plus World Market To Look For a Nice Wicker Basket

"At this point I just don't know what to say," he says, with a stricken look on his face, "I mean, I think it's pretty obvious you have a problem."

When I explain to him that the wicker basket or possibly basketS will be used to hold the blankets that he often spends entire evenings snoozing under he continues to stare at me, as if I just informed him that I am a Birther.

"Um, have you ever thought of checking your current Wicker Basket Collection before you purchase yet another home furnishing accessory? They have meetings for people like you, you know."


The Zadge said...

"as if I just informed him that I was a Birther" - You are killing me with that one!!! LOL!!

Cupcake Murphy said...

Birthers make me go "wha?"