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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Share

The thing about grief:

On a day that is such a wonderful day---when the afternoon air is crisp, like how I imagine Happy to be and things go swimmingly in such a way that I wonder what on earth I did to have such a lovely life---it is on a day such as this that my heart is heaviest and feels abundant grief-cloaked thoughts that fall under the IF ONLY category of wishful thinking.

If only my dad could have seen our view from the porch.

If only my dad could have tasted this coffee from this cup from this place just blocks down from our front door, so near to the ocean.

If only my dad were here to give me the real lowdown on which pitch was proper in the Sixth game of the furious series that that survivor Scioscia was in charge of.

If only I could join that strong optimistic group of grown up people who know and embrace and realize that there are no If Only's when it comes to death---especially the death of an old, ailing man.

If only the time passing made it sweeter and lighter and not just one more great day that he wasn't here.

Gloomily Yours,
Berefty Berefterson
Bereft Town, USA



One must part to meet again.

The Zadge said...

What a great tribute to him that you love and miss him so much!