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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Share

As the day started to wind down today and I began to experience a mildly incapacitating case of the Sunday Weirds I quickly rummaged around in the Cupcake Pharmacy and was able to prescribe some emergency medication that consisted of a very large sweatshirt, my favorite 90 yr old JCrew sweatpants, a walk with Mister Cupcake and Cooper---followed by a sit session on the porch reading the obituaries, the Travel section and the latest issue of O with Ellen DeGeneres on the cover.

Focusing on how much cosmetic surgery someone else has had is always an effective cure for the Sunday Weirds, however, one must have the appropriate soundtrack if one is to achieve a full and total detour from the God-Help-Me-What-Will-The-Week-Bring anxiety thought spiral.

Sometimes Louis Armstrong is good but there other times when he can be more All Ken Burns Jazz Documentary All The Time and that can conjure images of bar brawls, prostitution and cruelty to mules thus creating upset in Fragile Sunday Time.

Or, sometimes early Van Morrison can act as a balm but then Van starts saying the same phrase over and over 900 million times and you start to wonder why they didn't cast Van Morrison as Sybil instead of Sally Field and this is no good for Fragile Sunday Time.

But if you are lucky enough to listen to your inner fairy and you make the choice of the Dave Brubeck Quartet, with the soothing randomness of the piano and overall jazz-syrup warmth this music exudes, then you can settle in and know, as you read about how to handle being very long waisted, that all will be well and everyone is OK and there is not too much to worry about.

Until about 3:25 in the afternoon next Sunday when the air starts to feel different and the light begins to shift and you realize the weekend has gotten away from you yet again and you ask yourself I Wonder What I Did With That Photo Of Me and Robert, I Must Find It, I Always Meant To Frame It...

Yours In Reluctant Perseverance,
Gordon the Skittish Bull Moose


The Zadge said...

sounds like a perfect way to wile away the Sunday wierdies....and, as a long waisted girl myself, I loved the white and black jacket shown in O!

linlah said...

I have so many "I meant to frame thats" and when I ask myself why I don't, I realize it's because it becomes so permanent. And sometimes I'm not ready for that.