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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Encouragement

I had this idea for a blog last night when I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror in HARSH F-ED UP LIGHTING. It would be a kind of Human Portal for all of Humankind, this blog I thought of while gazing into my Grand Canyon sized pores in Satan's Lighting.

What happened was I was getting ready to take a bath and as I waited for the water to become perfect I decided to brush my teeth with my Jetsons Brush, The Sonicare and I stood in front of the mirror in interrogation lighting and I realized that as one mossies forward in years one's skin isn't as gleamy as one is used to and I felt a little blue and I thought I Wonder How Many Other People Have Looked At Their Skin In Crack Addict Lighting and Felt a Little Blue?

Because I was in the nude in my bathroom reeling from the sight of my blotchy self I knew I could not go anywhere for comfort so I just thought of how happy I am, basically, in a through-and-through way and I remembered the look on Mister Cupcake's face when I shared a particularly hilarious and insightful anecdote from my day and to top it all off I thought of the way my niece looks at me when I tell her childhood stories about her mother and me.

And I realized that there should be a blog or Web Library called The Encouragement Blog where people can go and put in their current Sad Thing or Worry Subject or Awful Situation and in return they get little helpful hints from other humans to make them feel less alone.

For example, you could search "Still Hate My Mother After Two Decades Of Therapy" or "Early Onset Crow's Feet" or simply "Constant Slothy Feeling" and VOILA! your search would return a landslide of real encouragement and uplifting ideas to ladle you out of your Depression Crock-Pot and on your merry way. AND while you are toiling about in your day you could be thinking of little scenarios to share, like "Just went on walk with dog and dog wanted to say hi to other dog but couple with other dog was unusually unfriendly and said their dog had not had vaccinations so my dog should stay away and this made me feel full of hatred and like an outcast" THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE! but then you just thought Oh Well I Guess They're On a First Date Or Something, She Did Seem Freakishly Intense and this lifted your spirits! VOILA! The Recipe For Happy. You would go share this on the Everyone/Everything Encouragement Blog and make someone else happy.

For my part, every Sunday, I will present a Beleaguered Scenario and then offer some easy suggestions designed to lessen the Beleaguered feeling and in that way add to the Solution instead of the Problem. Excuse me but what we have here is a Win-Win situation all around.

So I got that goin' for me.

Fritz of the Forlorn


steve said...

I'm probably adding to the problem, but when I look in my bathroom mirror with the interrogation lighting (I even swapped in a soft-white CFL - didn't help), all I see are dark and scraggly beanstalk-like hairs. They sprout from places where I never used to have that kind of hair, like my ears and my nose.

linlah said...

ladle you out line ever.