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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Cupcake Lessons

Today was chock full of learning. For instance:

This evening, Mister Cupcake and I were tooling about our lovely cottage near the beach (that sits on a noisy alley but I digress) and it just so happened that we ended up tuning into a movie called The Last of the Dog Men starring a brooding, poofy haired Tom Berenger and an alarmingly stick legged, big hat wearing Barbara Hershey.

After having this movie on for about a half hour or so and admiring the vast beauty of the sweeping landscape Mister Cupcake asked, "I wonder why there are no mountain men anymore."

"I'm a mountain man," I said.

"And I'm a mountain man too," added Cooper.

Then the two of us built a fire in the living room and roasted the small carcass of a squirel Cooper had been hunting for the better part of his canine life.

I guess you never really know the ones you love, even if you spend all your live long days with them.